Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lampin: A filipino family culture

Lampin is a Tagalog word which means cloth diaper. It is a source of comfort and embodies the affection shared among members of Filipino families. It binds the many strands of our lives and links us wherever we are: at home, at work, in school, at play... everywhere. Lampin is life. And life is good... Have fun learning about Philippine culture online!


pamilya06 said...

Yes I agree, that most of Filipino use diaper maybe because this thing is very common to all and maybe because Filipino get use to it. About the food yes it is true that all the delicious food was came from the Philippines but because of the Americans and other country makes our food change and made it more different but once you look and think of it is just came from one from the PINOY! --> MEDEL TANCHOCO

Tugel Dela Cruz said...

A more updated and contemporary items and issues can enhance the blog.

These items are very much present in the previous decades experienced by the Filipino Family. I'm looking for a more contemporary issue.

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